Hey, I’m

Passionate computer scientist with entrepreneurial spirit and an urge for digitization. Problem solver in the fields of learning systems, applied math, computer graphics and algorithms.

Current Engagements

Short Story

In an ideal world, any project is realized on time with perfect execution. However, practice often shows:

Even if a lot has already gone wrong, this is where we come in

Hey, a customer of ours accidentally printed coupon codes for a lottery and numbered them consecutively on his products. Is there a way to prevent fraud?
Seriously? 😂 But sure.

We have many years of experience in quickly identifying problems and implementing optimal solutions with the available resources. Without these limitations, however, we work even more effectively and have already successfully cooperated with the following companies

aifinyo AGGreen City Solutions GmbHBMW AGConstruktiv GmbHMailingbird UGEcona AGRSG Group GmbHFilm RiggersmyownbikeFraport AGRoomeo & Julia GmbHjoinR GmbHSamsung Electronics Co., Ltd.denkmalneu GmbH

Work together

We have worked together with small and medium-sized companies as well as corporations to solve complex problems in the field of large scale web applications, statistical analytics systems, intelligent e-commerce platforms, microtargeting, prediction and recommendation systems, Shadow banning, probabilistic anti-fraud algorithms, custom search engines, and database exploration.

If you need a strong partner digitizing your business or assisting your existing team with rapid development, we are curious to hear about your problem.