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passionate computer scientist with entrepreneurial spirit. Dedicated to shape the digital transformation by solving hard problems in the fields of machine learning, applied mathematics, computer graphics and algorithms.

Current Ventures


Through many years of experience in the field of highly available web applications, statistical analysis systems, intelligent e-commerce platforms, tracking and Kalman Filter, microtargeting, prediction and recommendation systems, shadow banning, fraud prevention, custom search engines and database exploration, I have quickly turned problems into solutions with often limited resources and thus added business value. In this I have worked with numerous SMEs and corporations in the past and am proud to count the following among my reference customers:

Roomeo & Julia GmbH Film Riggers Fraport AG aifinyo AG Mailingbird UG Econa AG denkmalneu GmbH Construktiv GmbH myownbike joinR GmbH Visa RSG Group GmbH BMW AG Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit Green City Solutions GmbH Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Work together

I consult companies or support teams in developing algorithms, building systems or solving computing challenges, whether remotely or on-site. I also support companies during projects by coordinating with external service providers, or technical due diligence during acquisition processes of startups.

I am happy to work with you and hear about your problem!

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